“No other company invests so much into their employees than this. The great variety of projects to get involved in and the compassion for its people makes CGL a fantastic place to work.”

Charlotte Rawlins
Sandwich Placement Student

“My time at CGL [was] a truly great experience. I’m not sure there are too many companies where a graduate can step into a position of such responsibility and autonomy. It really is a testament to the people that make up the team and the quality of support provided.”

Scott Francis
Geotechnical Engineer

“Our staff of today are the business leaders of the future. We have a responsibility to help them maximise their potential.”

Nick Langdon, CGL Chairman

CGL offers temporary roles and internships for students including:

  • Summer placements
  • Industrial sandwich placements within a first degree, which can use a CGL project in a dissertation
  • Erasmus Programme (European Region Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students)
  • MSc placements using a CGL project for academic study

Temporary experience with CGL gives you an advantage if you later apply for a permanent role.

We currently have a vacancy from August 2017 at our Exeter office. Our next available vacancies will commence summer 2018 – you are welcome to register your interest below.

Lucy Anderson – Placement Engineer

Lucy completed a year-long engineering undergraduate placement at CGL in summer 2016. Before joining CGL she was a second year student working for a BSc in Environmental Science at Sheffield Hallam University.

Her role as an undergraduate Technician/Placement Engineer involved professionally logging data on rock and soils in the field, gaining valuable and practical skills for when she graduates. Lucy also gained knowledge on groundwater and gas monitoring. She learned how to conduct walkover surveys for geoenvironmental projects and understood the key concepts of CGL’s contaminated land work.

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Lucy independently wrote geoenvironmental desk studies and geotechnical factual reports, and she assisted engineers in the production of geoenvironmental interpretative reports. Lucy said:

“As a work placement engineer at CGL, one day is never the same as the next! Since joining CGL I have been exposed to a wide variety of different jobs in a short space of time which has meant that I am continuously learning new things about the geotechnical/geoenvironmental industry. As time progressed I was given more autonomy over my own work, which involved answering client and site queries, meeting deadlines, compiling reports, and encouraging STEM subjects at local schools.”

During her time with CGL, Lucy won the Construction Development Alliance Award for Young Construction Environmentalist. CDA Awards recognise young people’s outstanding achievement within the construction industry to exemplify the best attributes in the North West.


Adam Denison

I opted to include a sandwich year between the second and third year whilst I was an undergraduate in Engineering Geology at the University of Portsmouth.  The prospect of working a year in the industry was attractive as I gained direct applicable industrial experience prior to finishing my degree.  This was solidified by hearing only positive feedback from students returning from their sandwich year.

Why I chose to do a work placement with CGL

While searching through companies to apply to, the industrial placement scheme provided by CGL stood out from the rest for many reasons, such as the clearly laid out mission, vision and values that are incorporated into the company core to help pursue an efficient work ethic.  A significant factor I was searching for in a company was the opportunity to gain a broad range of experiences in all disciplines to get the most out my time spent there.  CGL has allowed me to do just this, through shadowing qualified engineers and working independently in all roles during site work, report writing and project management.

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After just three months with CGL I felt I had rapidly developed my knowledge and understanding of geotechnical and geoenvironmental consultancy. I was welcomed by friendly employees, and from day one I was putting into practice skills that I had learnt in the first two years of my degree.  There was a heavy focus on training both in the field and in the office.

Field work training included soil and rock logging, sampling, monitoring and team leadership.  I developed my communication abilities; learnt to use technical software packages such as gINT, AutoCAD and ArcGIS; and within the first week I had achieved my CSCS qualification. Working for CGL on its industrial placement scheme enabled me to get a foot in the door of an exciting and rewarding industry.

I gained invaluable skills which I would never have gained inside the classroom.  It helped me to make clear and informed decisions about the future of my career.  I worked for CGL as part of a 10 to 12 month work placement, acting as part of my four-year degree course in engineering geology and geotechnics at the University of Portsmouth.

My time at CGL has been thoroughly enjoyable for a number of reasons. The relaxed atmosphere around the office makes it easy to work and there’s an endless supply of knowledge everywhere. I’ve found that none of my questions (and being new, there are a lot of questions) go unanswered, and I’m not made to feel inadequate because of them. CGL puts an emphasis on training their employees, with regular meetings to discuss new training schemes or similar that will benefit us, and therefore benefit our clients. Within my first month I was put on a CSCS supervisor course and a soil logging course, both with great long term benefits to me and my work.

The work I’ve done varied on a daily basis and there is a good mixture of site work and office based work. Feedback I received from coursemates doing placements with other companies suggests that they were pigeon-holed into a set work routine which would leave them with a limited experience of the industry. I felt the opposite is true with CGL, as I was pushed to try new types of work, whether it’s logging, monitoring or sampling onsite, or completing desk based studies in the office. I had regular opportunities to give feedback about CGL and how my placement was going, whether I would change anything or like to do anything new, and my comments were always heard and acted upon.


Apply for a work placement at CGL

We currently have a vacancy for an undergraduate placement at our Exeter office, starting in August 2017. Other vacancies have been filled until 2018. We normally offer two to three work placements per year to help undergraduates typically in civil engineering or geology to develop their careers in geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering. You are welcome to register your interest for 2018 – please use the form below and enter “Work placement 2018” in the first box titled “Position applied for”.

To register your interest please let us know your contact details and attach a cv and we will get back in touch with you. We will require all candidates to complete a full CGL application form which will shortly be available online.

Please contact Alison Stafford-Willis with any enquiries at AlisonS@cgl-uk.com

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