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CGL Comes of Age!

CGL was formed in late 1994, and grew progressively during the late 1990s and the 2000s, providing specialist geotechnical and geoenvironmental consultancy and investigation to the commercial residential and power industries from the three UK offices.  As those who were working at the time will recall, this was a period of economic growth, and for CGL it was a period of growing capability and innovation in our business.


Being, as we are, at the start of the investment, planning and construction cycle, early 2008 was the point at which the signs of the downturn became apparent to us and, along with the rest of UK construction, we went on to experience the effects of the double-dip recession that impacted our sector.  However, some very positive things came out of those years, not least of which was the learning about the business and how it operates and responds in exceptional times.  The fruits of that learning, and the experiences gained, form the foundations on which CGL is based -solid foundations.


The current CGL ethos was formed during those years.  The founder left in 2010 to pursue other interests and this allowed the company to follow a path of growth and development.  Many things changed; the CGL brand was refreshed, non-executive directors were appointed to assist with strategy, a culture of staff involvement was fostered, technical capability developed and the focus on training and development for all, which had been strong before, was propelled into what we think is an unrivalled proposition for our staff and those looking to enhance their careers with us.

Today we have a strong and resilient business, with 60+ talented staff in our offices in Godalming, Harrogate, Exeter and London working on some really exciting projects with some fantastic clients.  Importantly to us, our clients tell us that we still maintain the service and approachability that is so critical to their decision making.  We are doing clever things with analytical software and are pushing forward the boundaries of brownfield regeneration to help in the maximisation of development potential across the country.


We are continuing our involvement in lots of projects along the River Thames; something that we have been doing since the inception of the company.  We are continuing to help the power companies improve their distribution networks in some of the most inhospitable, yet profoundly beautiful, areas of the British Isles.  And we are doing our bit to improve housing provision and infrastructure development (particularly bathing water quality) in the south west.  We have a culture of development and training that encompasses all staff as every stage of their career, and recently launched the CGL Career Path for technical and group support staff; something special for those who are looking for something extra from their career.


So back to the ‘coming of age’; we outline some of the events of life in CGL above, and give you a flavour of what we can do and an insight into our culture.  There is more, a lot more and we recommend that you have a flick through our website to see.  We have been a fledgling business, a growing business, and have come strongly through a challenging time in our ‘teens’ – you will see the analogy!  Our 21st anniversary heralds CGL as blossoming business; mature in our competencies and guided by experience, but above this, enthusiastic, capable and genuinely excited by what we do.


With warm regards,


Ian Marychurch & Nick Langdon







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