Public Sector

Advising and Supporting the Public Sector

As respected experts in fields of the contaminated land, authoring national guidances and publications, CGL work as advisors to a number of local authorities. 

In recent years CGL has conducted quantitative risk assessments for several potentially 'contaminated land' sites, providing information to assist councils in deciding whether the risk is sufficient to warrant determination under Part IIA.  Sites assessed for Eastleigh Borough Council, South Somerset District Council and Waverley Borough Council were specifically related to landfill gas risk, an issue in which we are highly skilled and nationally recognised.  Work for Eastleigh Borough Council included a ground investigation in and around a series of closed landfills and surrounding development, supplemented by soil gas, organic vapours, groundwater and surface water monitoring over period of twelve months. The data supports the appropriate risk assessments required to provide information to the Council to enable an assessment of whether the land was likely to be posing “significant possibility of significant harm” (SPOSH) and determining the need fro any further assessment with regards to potential determination under Part IIA.

We have also undertaken site audits for pre-divestment and risk or asset management purposes for local authorities, for example, Stevenage Borough CouncilSlough Borough Council and Waverley Borough Council, and have provided second opinions as a technical sounding board to authority staff with perhaps limited first-hand experience.

In our day-to-day service provision, CGL fulfils a project liaison role ensuring that regulators and planning statutory consultees are kept informed and that their requirements are fully understood.  This allows targeting of necessary work and provision of appropriate answers, smoothing the way for projects to progress.


CGL staff, through involvement and input into numerous technical publications, demonstrate the experience and skills required by the public sector.  Existing documents include:


  • ICE Design and Practice Guide ‘Contaminated land; investigation, assessment and remediation’, 2nd Edition, 2008.
  • CIRIA report C665, 2007: Assessing Risks posed by Hazardous Ground gases to Buildings.
  • CIRIA report C681, 2009: Unexploded Ordnance (UXO): A guide for the construction industry.
  • BS8485:2007 Code of Practice for the characterisation and remediation from ground gas in affected developments.
  • The Ground Gas Handbook, Whittles, 2009.
  • Contribution to Thomas Telford, ICE Manual of Ground Engineering 2012 guidance on asbestos contamination in soil. 

We, at CGL, believe in a pragmatic and innovative approach to providing ground solutions for our clients, which includes many local authorities.

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