Waste Material

Sustainable Waste and Material Management

Due to increasing pressure on disposal facilities and the ever-growing tax burden associated with waste material disposal to UK landfills, cost efficient waste management practices can make a significant difference to project viability.  This, coupled with the renewed focus on finite natural resources, has brought waste and material management to the top of the consideration list for many development schemes.

As a leading specialist geotechnical and geoenvironmental consultancy, we are committed to supporting our clients in resolving any issues they might have relating to material handling and waste management.  Our expert advice and innovative solutions are often sought on complex contaminated land problems from simple single property redevelopments to more complex full site multi-level basement schemes.

Our services range from cost effective options for material re-use either in accordance with a WRAP protocol, permit or ICoP declaration, through to 3D ground modelling based upon detailed intrusive investigations to characterise and delineate site materials for efficient disposal.

We have been instrumental in advising a prominent international company with their substantial basement excavation for a London Riverside development.  Using ground profiling, 3D modelling and on site verification of the excavation and disposal activities, we have been able to provide pragmatic solutions for the client.   Part of our suggested solution was to obtain a Landfill Tax Exemption for the previous phase, saving our clients £3.5 million in disposal fees.

As a value-added service, our in-house permitting team has guided many clients through the permitting process for both standard rules permits to more complex bespoke applications.  Our CL:AIRE registered 'Qualified Person' staff have also been involved with the production and approval of Development Industry Code of Practice declarations for sustainable material re-use.

Our Clients
We have worked with several key clients in support of their waste and material management, some of which include Frasers Property Developments for whom we secured Landfill Tax Exemption to allow for essential basement excavation works, Volker Fitzpatrick, Pepperacre Golf Course Developments, and Dean and Dyball Civil Engineering.

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