What We Do

As a leading edge consultancy, CGL recognises the fundamental importance of providing sound advice and pragmatic solutions to ground-related issues for our clients.

Through the application of our assembled skills and knowledge, we often turn otherwise marginally viable development sites into cost-effective and profitable opportunities for our clients.  We are used to working within design and construction teams providing specialist advice to other consultants, contractors or direct to the client.

Our holistic approach to the investigation and design process ensures that for any given project we bring together the most appropriate geotechnical or geoenvironmental expertise to meet project needs. We do not compartmentalise our teams and processes, preferring to apply our geotechnical and geoenvironmental site and consultancy skills on all projects to ensure our clients receive a co-ordinated and tailored response on their potential below ground risks.  We relish the challenge of making that marginal site successful and turning the very risky ground problem to one that is better understood, allowing the risk to be mitigated; thinking laterally and harnessing new ideas for the benefit of our clients.

We also believe in contributing to the wider technical community, sharing our knowledge and experience through contributions to design guides and manuals and CPD lectures, and presenting bespoke training courses on such diverse issues as ICoP declarations and the implementation of the European Code on Geotechnics, EC 7.  

Our commitment to equal opportunities and gender equality has been recognised by UKRC and we are pleased to be used as an exemplar by them in their guidance prepared for distribution to the EU in 2012.

Likewise, we are committed to improving our Investors in People award in the next few years as a very important vehicle to improve the professional service we bring to our clients, encouraging staff, developing skills and achieving that CGL spirit our clients, and those who work with us, appreciate.

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