Over 25 years CGL has provided numerous ground solutions for a wide variety of clients all around the UK, and over the next few months we will be featuring a few of these projects in GeoTalk and on our website.

But here are some tasters;  the longest running CGL project, Wandsworth Riverside Quarter in its various phases, started in 1999 and was completed in 2015.  The longest project, well, currently the Beauly to Dounreay over-head line investigation holds the title at a little over 100 miles but in the coming months that might get challenged.  Our deepest basement to analyse, some five storeys near Park Lane, London. And our most challenging contaminated site, an old tannery, with oil-filled timber-lined pits by a trout stream in rural Surrey certainly was an early one, but gas works too many to number, agro-chemical plants in Kent and Hertfordshire, defence land in Hampshire, have all over the years required us to deliver pragmatic risk reducing solutions for clients and the regulators overseeing our work.

The most extraordinary?  There have been a few, but investigating the softness of ground on the old Western Front in Flanders for temporary grandstands when a new War Grave site was opened by the President of France and the Prince of Wales must be up there.

And finally, the Guildford Radisson, in 2011, the first or our Ground Engineering Awards for excellence in what we do.