With land in high demand, basements are common on new build and redevelopments alike.  CGL was one of the first consultants to submit a Basement Impact Assessment (BIAs) to London Borough of Camden in 2011 and to date has undertaken more than 500 BIAs and Ground Movement Assessments providing a wide range of geotechnical services for clients including consultants, contractors, developers and housebuilders.

As early as 2013 CGL sought to influence the thinking on BIA’s through such articles as “Getting to the bottom of it” published by Ground Engineering and since as regular speakers at the GE Basement Conference, held annually London.

As of 3rd February 2020, Dublin City Council (DCC) has implemented a new policy whereby all proposed developments with a basement shall be required to have undertaken and include within the planning application a BIA.

The BIA process requires a comprehensive review of surface and groundwater conditions and incorporates geotechnical analysis, where appropriate, to establish ground movements arising from the basement development and therefore its potential impact on neighbouring properties.

For BIA enquires please contact Joseph Slattery, Associate at our Dublin office on +353 (0) 1554 6210 or josephs@cgl-ie.com

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