The CGL Career Path Training Programmes

Career Development Path for Technical Staff
Career Development Path for Group Support Staff
Award winners for the CGL Career Path, Construction Excellence Awards 2022
Award winner 2015, 2016, 2017 for ‘Commitment to Training and Development’

The CGL Career Path is a career-long approach to personal development and progression which is unique to the specialist construction sector.

Few companies match the levels of support that CGL will give you through this process – via training, encouragement and sponsorship for higher degrees.

You can choose to become a Chartered Engineer, Chartered Geologist, or a Chartered Environmentalist. This has led to a steady progression of staff becoming chartered professionals (11 people in one year).

CGL’s development opportunities go beyond early/mid-career professional training as newly chartered staff can join a structured management development programme using CGL’s strong links with the Chartered Management Institute.

CGL’s two career progression routes

The CGL Career Path has two strands – the Technical Path and the Group Support Path – to ensure anyone who joins the company has opportunities to develop and progress whatever their role.

The Technical Path offers graduates and early stage joiners a firm foundation within the geotechnical and geoenvironmental disciplines, whilst giving exposure to business functions such as finance and marketing, to gain a wider appreciation of the business as a whole. Progression through to chartered status and progressive seniority via the CGL Training Programmes follows this.

Our development opportunities go beyond early- and mid-career professional training and we believe this gives CGL the edge as a small business. We offer newly chartered staff the opportunity to participate in a structured management development programme through our strong links with the Chartered Management Institute where colleagues have achieved Certificates in Management and Leadership or Chartered Manager status. Further opportunities exist and staff have studied for an MBA and Director Development courses are available. For people whose passions lie in the technical field, we have developed routes to RoGEP and SiLC. These are not mutually exclusive routes; we believe that a combination of enhancing management competence and technical skills helps us to develop the business leaders and specialists of the future.

A parallel Group Support Path has been developed which allows progression from school leaver through to senior management via a variety of routes including apprenticeships, CMI management certificates and qualifications from financial institutions. CGL’s Group Support Path recognises the contribution of nontechnical staff to the success of the company and that CGL thrives because of the skills of those people in our support functions.