A group of engineers from CGL’s Godalming and London offices took part in a training course hosted by Geolabs and presented by Dr. Jackie Skipper in Watford last week.

Geolabs is the company’s longest serving supplier – previously described by Managing Director Ian Marychurch as ‘the CGL of the testing world’. They test soil, rock and aggregate and shared their extensive experience and findings with the Lambeth Group and London Clay. Dr. Jackie Skipper, a specialist in interpretation of ground investigation in complex soils and rocks spoke about her comprehensive knowledge of geology of London and SE England with the team. The team also had a chance to get ‘hands on’ with various samples, whilst being given logging guidance by Dr. Skipper.

David Hull, Engineer at CGL commented My colleagues and I found the training really informative, and I think all of us from CGL who attended feel we enhanced our skills in identifying and logging the complex horizons of the London Clay Formation and the Lambeth Group.