With only 16% of all IIP accredited organisations achieving Gold Standard we are extremely proud to of received this award again.  With our future goal of achieving the Platinum Standard at the next review in 2023 firmly in our sights CGL remain committed to using the principles of the Investors in People Standard to support business growth and people development.

Our commitment to people development and our values embedded solidly within the company were clearly demonstrated by our staff with comments such as:

They give good levels of trust and responsibility. I like the type of design we do.

It is nice to be in a company that is interested in you and willing to help you to succeed and to have a support network.”

My qualification was funded and there is an open atmosphere in being able to discuss opinions and ideas. Clearly, I hit the jackpot!

The IIP survey results reflected clear trust in the leaders:

…honesty and openness are a high priority as people overwhelmingly trust the leaders of the organisation…  people talked about the actions of the directors being fair, decisive and at the same time supportive and sensitive where required but each time being in line with the values.

CGL’s commitment to Health, Safety and Wellbeing:

There is a dashboard on health and safety issues for everyone to see. It is taken much more seriously than my last company.

As a company we are proud to be recognised not just for our technical skills and our people but also as a business and employer.