On 24th May CGL Chartered Senior Engineer, Sarah Key will be a speaker at Effective Site Investigation and Data Management, a Brownfield Briefing event in Birmingham.

The conference is a brand new 2-day event for contaminated land professionals and developers offering a practical approach for effective site investigation and improving the quality, management and communication of site investigation data.

Site Investigation, The Holistic Approach: A Case Study from Silvertown, London

Sarah will draw on CGL’s work at Silvertown where CGL has carried out a holistic site investigation in London. Silvertown is a major complex development of a 38 acre site being developed in a £1bn+ project that will create 3300+ new homes.

Silvertown is a large scale historic site with a 200 year evolution from marshland to residential and industrial usage (including London’s biggest ever explosion) into current post-industrial redevelopment for the 21st century.

Sarah will share details on how CGL provided a holistic site investigation combining geoenvironmental and geotechnical testing and assessment. Investigations produced a large amount of data and allowed remediation and mitigation measures to be incorporated into development design and geotechnical requirements.

For more information about the conference please visit https://brownfieldbriefing.com/site-investigation-data