We’re pleased to sponsor Oliver Rhodes during his two-year Master of Science (MSc) degree in Norway which aims to provide technical-scientific insight into the phenomena connected with geohazards such as land-slides, avalanches, earthquakes and tsunamis.

Oliver joined CGL in 2015 as a Graduate Geotechnical Engineer after studying Engineering Geology and Geotechnics at the University of Portsmouth.  Oliver progressed through the CGL graduate training scheme and was promoted to engineer.

This year Oliver has decided to take the next step in his education and will be studying ‘Geotechnics and Geohazards’ at NTNU in Trondheim, Norway. Oliver will study various assessments, prevention/mitigation methods of geohazards, including risks associated with landslides and mass transport in soil and rock due to rainfall, flooding, earthquakes and human intervention. Overall Oliver will gain skills needed for engineering solutions to geohazards and geotechnical challenges.

But Oliver can’t escape CGL that quickly as he’ll be coming back in 2019 once he’s completed his studies.

For more information about the Geotechnics and Geohazards course in Trondheim please visit –https://www.ntnu.edu/studies/msgeotech

Good luck Oliver!

Compaction tests

Vingeboring (hand-held rotary sounding)

Piston sampling