The summer, such as it was, has come and gone a couple of times now, and with the schools back we are starting to look forwards to what the next few months, and beyond into 2018, holds for us all.  At CGL we have had a good summer, with our workloads holding firm and our enquiry levels actually rising, and all this against the backdrop of political uncertainty – wherever you choose to look!

For CGL therefore, it has very much been business as usual.  Our geographic spread helps us, and the sectors in which we work continue to flourish, although with occasional variability.  This gives us the confidence to grow our teams: we have had an influx of graduates onto our training programmes and are making some strategic appointments in our offices to provide additional capability.  We are maintaining our growth plans despite Brexit and the government situation!

You will see in our GeoTalk articles (links below) that our breadth of activities provide us with some interesting projects.  We continue to push forward the boundaries of temporary works design for deep basements using innovative buttress pile solutions, and have seen this capability extend to support of important bridge lifts to assist infrastructure improvements.  Earthworks design and control have featured significantly in our workloads in recent months: the Moorland Reach project showcases this, and the project has also involved some of the analytical geotechnics that we are developing and extending into new areas.  We remain active on other development-led geotechnical and remediation schemes, and continue to do our bit for the UK power industry across most parts of mainland UK.

On the wider front we stay firmly at the heart of the gender equality debate in the industry, a place where we have always resided, and are pleased to be acknowledged as one of the top 100 civil engineering firms in the country.

We trust that this provides you with an insight into what we are doing and what we can provide.  By endeavouring to meet the expectations of our clients in the way that these examples show, we remain optimistic whatever the next few years may throw at the industry.

Ian Marychurch, Managing Director
Nick Langdon, Chairman