CGL was appointed by Telford Homes to undertake an analysis to establish the potential impact of the proposed development on two Docklands Light Railway (DLR) tunnels that run directly below the site and beneath the footprint of the development.

CGL and Walsh, the structural engineers developed a compensated raft foundation for the development, to remove the requirement for piles, and to mitigate the risks to the underlying tunnels.  A three-metre deep ‘basement’ was dug below the proposed development and filled with polystyrene blocks, the removal of soil compensated for the weight of the building giving rise to no net change in stress on the tunnel linings.  This solution made the project viable for the Client.

The analysis facilitated a complex negotiation with DLR and their supervising engineers, enabling the development to be constructed with no piled foundations, providing a considerable cost and programme saving to the client.

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