CGL has recently carried out the tender design of a long term buttress piled wall on a sloping site in Harrow. The wall retains up to 9m over the long term and is to remain self-supporting during its design life.

Typically a wall such as this would be propped by the structure to be placed in front of it, however in this case the structure is lightweight and cannot resist the long-term build-up of earth pressures. CGL carried out a ground investigation, laboratory testing and slope stability analysis to assess the global stability of the site. The design of the buttress piled wall was carried out using PLAXIS 3D FE analysis software, cross-checked with the more conventional design software WALLAP.

CGL has now designed a number of buttress piling systems and Joseph Slattery, Principal Engineer, will be at the Basements and Underground Structures Conference in October to present our work on an innovative buttress piled wall for a deep basement in Battersea.