CGL’s Richard Ball is a member of the Steering Committee for CIRIA’s newly published Assessing the Impacts of Construction Induced Ground Movement on Framed Buildings.  Front cover artwork by CGL’s Joseph Birnie.

This guide has been prepared in connection with the prediction, assessment, and control of damage to existing building stock resulting from construction-related ground movement. It is intended to provide a clear framework for assessing impacts to modern steel and reinforced concrete frame structures, together with a variety of cladding systems, and is appropriate for a variety of stakeholders.

This guide has been prepared for the benefit of all those involved in the evaluation, monitoring, control, or acceptance of building movement in response to nearby or underlying construction works. Although most of the text is intended for practicing engineers, the recommendations contained herein should be of interest to a wider audience (including local planning authorities, party wall surveyors, contractors, and building owners).

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