Axis Square, Birmingham




  • Site Investigation
  • Factual Geotechnical Report
  • Interpretative Geoenvironmental Report

Phase 2 site investigation

CGL was engaged by Atkins to carry out a large-scale phase 2 site investigation at Axis Square, neighbouring the famous Mailbox building in central Birmingham. The site comprises a 10 storey building which is currently occupied by various businesses with car parking and green space. It is planned to be redeveloped into three new structures with a shared single storey basement plus associated open space and retail outlets.

The investigations included 11 rotary boreholes drilled to depths of between 30m-50m, 15 windowless sample boreholes and several hand dug trial pits. CGL was required to carry out ground investigations while the building was still occupied, working within site safety procedures and with minimal impact on occupants. Cleanliness on this site was particularly important, both for the benefit of the offices on site and for pedestrians using a busy walkway through the site.

As primary designer of the proposed scheme, Atkins required a factual report of geotechnical ground conditions and interpretative reporting of geoenvironmental conditions. The site investigation was undertaken at an early stage of the development to assist early design and construction of the first new buildings on the site while the existing structure was occupied.