B3193, Kingsteignton

Bryn Jones

Bryn Jones

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  • Site Investigation
  • Interpretative Reporting
  • Geotechnical Design
  • Contamination Assessment

Geotechnical and geoenvironmental investigation

CGL were commissioned to undertake a site investigation of land to the north of Kingsteignton for the proposed realignment of the B3193.

The route length, approximately 3km, traverses a mixture of land uses, from sports pitches, rough pasture, steeply sloping ground to a flood plain, copse and existing roads.

The investigation comprised a series of trial pits and boreholes with monitoring installations to enable the ground conditions to be logged and sampled for geotechnical design purposes, material classification and contamination assessment.

The investigations confirmed the published and anticipated ground conditions, which comprised reworked natural material of quarry overburden and the underlying natural Bovey Formation.

From these investigations shallow foundations were recommended for the proposed structures and anticipated loadings. Design parameters were provided by CGL for embankment and cutting design, material re-use and pavement construction.

All materials encountered on site were considered to be physically and chemically suitable for re-use, which will offer cost savings during construction. CGL is currently working with the project team throughout the tender process for the construction of the new road.

A close working relationship with the client and understanding of specific tender requirements allowed an appropriately targeted investigation to be completed under budget and within programme. CGL’s flexible approach to this project enabled difficult topographical and ecological constraints to be accommodated.

Geotechnical Design