Carland Cross Wind Farm

Bryn Jones

Bryn Jones

Regional Director

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Balfour Beatty


  • Technical Support
  • In-situ and Laboratory Testing
  • Material Management and Classification

Design and construction review

CGL assisted Balfour Beatty Regional Civil Engineering with geotechnical and geoenvironmental input into the replacement of a number of wind turbines and construction of associated infrastructure on a site in Cornwall (Carland Cross, six miles north of Truro).

Balfour Beatty consulted CGL to ensure the design specification was met relating to the construction of new access tracks, crane bases and turbine foundation backfill. A number of different testing methods were used to ensure compliance, including Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP) testing, plate bearing testing and sand replacement density testing. Laboratory testing was also undertaken on representative samples to assess material properties, including confirmation of material gradings and compaction testing. Compliance reporting was provided on receipt of the test results, confirming preliminary feedback provided to the client whilst on site.

CGL assisted in the classification and management of materials for reuse or disposal during infrastructure design and construction. Specific client requirements meant that not all site won materials could be readily utilised on site within the new construction. CGL assisted in assessment and justification of material reuse and this process is ongoing.

Good working relationships with local laboratory and insitu testing contractors meant CGL could react quickly and attend site promptly, helping the client meet tight programme deadlines. A consistent point of contact at CGL also maintained effective communication and helped to meet the client’s expectations.

Continued support was provided for a second phase of site development, including advice on access road alignment and potential reuse of materials within earthworks for the proposed construction. Wind farms continue to be a significant growth area in the UK where CGL has added value through ground investigation, geotechnical design input and compliance testing.