Cottam and West Burton Power Stations

Richard Pennock

Richard Pennock


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Electricity Alliance West (on behalf of National Grid)


  • Desk Study
  • Engineering Site Supervision
  • Intrusive Ground Investigation
  • Utility Scanning/Mapping
  • Temporary Design Work Assurance
  • Interpretative Reporting

Overhead line upgrade works

Electricity Alliance West were proposing refurbishment and upgrade works on the 7.5km 400kV overhead powerline connecting Cottam and West Burton Power Stations in Nottinghamshire.

In order to assess the required extent of works, CGL were commissioned to determine the ground conditions and identify existing foundation types. CGL initially produced a geotechnical desk study for the route to provide a preliminary geotechnical risk rating for each tower.

This was followed by several phases of investigation work at specific towers in order to prove the nature of the ground conditions for new tower construction, advise on the existing foundation type and provide soil parameters for capacity verification.

Techniques employed during the ground investigations included deep trial pitting, dynamic probing, window sampling, in-situ density tests, and combined percussive and rotary drilling. Ground penetrating Radar (GPR) was also undertaken by CGL during these works to enable the intrusive work to be designed around sub-surface hazards.

Our reports re-evaluated the design assumptions to demonstrate that tower foundations were in accordance with design parameters resulting in whole scale tower refurbishment being withdrawn.

In addition, temporary works designs for Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs), crane pads and scaffolding positions were undertaken. To allow scaffolding to bridge an adjacent railway line CGL provided anchorage, uplift and bearing capacity designs to the satisfaction of all stakeholders.