Riverside, Canary Wharf, London

Nick Langdon

Nick Langdon

Company Chairman and Director



Oakes Specialist Excavations for Canary Wharf Contractors


  • Waste Classification
  • Site Monitoring
  • Validation

Waste classification and validation

The site was formerly a dockyard and contains a number of buried dry docks. It will form the location of a twin tower skyscraper development of 38 and 32 floors, and involves excavation of a basement down to 14 metres.

CGL was appointed to advise on excavation, removal and disposal of the spoil material from the site.

We undertook a full assessment of the ground investigation data, particularly the chemical test results, and prepared a zoning plan of the excavation based on anticipated waste classification criteria. In addition we advised on a remediation strategy to reduce the waste classification criteria of material.

On site inspection of the excavation operations confirmed the ground conditions. Appropriate waste codes in accordance with European Waste Categories were then assigned.

An inventory of spoil removed from site as well as any imported materials is being maintained and samples taken for validation testing as appropriate.

CGL arranged chemical testing of samples from excavated spoil and materials undergoing on-site remediation as well as chemical testing of imported materials where no certificate of analysis was supplied from the source.

On completion, CGL will complete a Verification Report describing works undertaken and any on-site remediation works, as appropriate.