South West Lands, Wembley

Mark Creighton

Mark Creighton


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CRE8 Structures and Quintain


  • Scoping Works
  • Site Supervision
  • Geotechnical Interpretive Reporting
  • Ground Movement Analysis
  • Retaining Wall Design
  • Review of Enabling Work Designs

Geotechnical design and site supervision

The South West Lands occupy an area south-west of Wembley Stadium, running alongside the Chiltern rail line heading west. The land is being redeveloped by Quintain to provide mixed use buildings up to 19 storeys high with basements for car parking.

CGL was first engaged by CRE8 structural engineers to provide a scope for detailed site investigations. CGL provided this with geotechnical guidance and site supervision for the subcontractors involved in the work. CGL used the site data to write an interpretative geotechnical report with recommendations including pile loads for the proposed construction. CGL also prepared a ground movement analysis required for third party approval relating to the neighbouring Network Rail line and public highway.

The site required significant enabling works and CGL developed various preliminary retaining wall designs, provided preliminary geotechnical capacities for load bearing piles and pile groups. CGL also provided input into CRE8’s piling and earthworks specifications as part of the tendering process. CGL reviewed the designs for retaining walls, piling and temporary works submitted by the appointed contractor during construction.

CGL maintained a site presence during the ground works and construction phase and acted as a geotechnical advisor on behalf of the client.