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CGL is a provider of expert advice and design solutions to ground-related issues for residential developers. We develop value engineered solutions that often turn marginally viable developments on difficult sites into profitable opportunities.

We work collaboratively with site developers as well as their design and construction teams.  As independent geotechnical and geoenvironmental specialists, we can provide you with technically detailed assessment and analysis and pragmatic recommendations unbiased by in-house and cross selling interests. CGL has supported residential developers and their advisers in this way since we were established in 1994.

We apply our full range of geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering skills to provide complete, and often unique, solutions to our clients’ problems. Our regional expertise enables us to guide you on local issues, for example gypsum dissolution in Yorkshire, mining in the north and southwest, chalk in many areas and deep basement projects in urban areas, especially London.

Our involvement ranges from initial due diligence and feasibility studies to identify liabilities and development constraints through to investigation, design and construction supervision. Sites for residential development may have historic contamination or have stability issues that need to be addressed for both safe development and to maximise asset values. In such cases CGL’s experience in brownfield land development and remediation of contamination allows holistic ground solutions to be developed.

CGL’s expertise in risk assessment and negotiation with regulators is often used to promote practical and environmentally robust solutions that give confidence to all parties with differing commercial, technical and regulatory perspectives. Similarly, our understanding of ground engineering, our use of appropriate complex technical analysis and our strengths in designing innovative temporary works solutions often lead to developments providing enhanced returns on investment.

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