Managing Director Ian Marychurch recently travelled to the remote Annapurna Region of central Nepal to visit the Shree Sheetala School in Galem, where CGL sponsors teachers in STEM subjects for Year 9 and 10 pupils.

Ian visited the school, together with other business and governmental sponsors, as part of its Diamond Jubilee celebrations, and received thanks and appreciation from all those associated with the school for CGL’s sponsorship.

The journey included flights with Yeti Airlines, a precipitous jeep journey over boulder strewn hairpin roads around mountains and an overnight stay in a camp set up for the event by the Gurkhas!

During his two days at the school, Ian was able to understand the challenges faced by the school in providing education in a remote location, and in a part of Nepal where education isn’t compulsory and children are often needed to work with their families. Notably, none of the children had mobile phones, but seemed overwhelmingly happy. The event was attended by government officials and former pupils and teachers as well as the current staff, parents and children. It was an interesting mixture of formality and partying!

Ian said, “I had the most amazing visit to this stunningly beautiful country, was looked after by some of the nicest people I have ever met and had the real privilege of seeing the very positive effects that our support of the school has to a poor remote agricultural community. There may even be a possibility of doing some work out there!”