Solar Arrays, Southern England

Bryn Jones

Bryn Jones

Regional Director

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  • Site Investigation
  • Geotechnical Interpretation
  • Foundation Design Options
  • Provision of Design Parameters
  • Rapid Response

Geotechnical support for solar arrays

CGL was commissioned to undertake desk study research and intrusive ground investigations for a number of solar array development sites across southern England.

Assessment of readily available geological information identified the likely ground conditions and enabled a suitable intrusive investigation to be designed. Sites were typically greenfield with good access and intrusive works were undertaken using either mechanical excavators or small windowless sampling and probing rigs. Sensitive areas, including areas of archaeological interest, were considered during the design of the investigation.

Ground conditions for each site were logged and recorded by CGL’s engineers, with in situ testing supporting the detailed geological field descriptions. Laboratory testing was undertaken on selected samples to provide design requirements for buried concrete.

On completion of the investigations, data interpretation and summary reporting was provided on a rapid turnaround to enable the client’s contractors to complete their tendering and design process. Laboratory testing results were appended when available and final versions of the reports issued.

Within the reporting, CGL provided clear interpretation of the geology, site zoning where applicable, tabulated geotechnical design parameters and foundation recommendations. All information was recorded and electronically issued to assist with immediate provision of validated information to suppliers and designers.

A single point of client contact within CGL throughout the multiple projects ensured consistency in communications and a strong client relationship. This and a thorough understanding of the client’s requirements enabled us to issue the tailored report to meet their expectations.