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Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Consultancy

We use the specialist skills and experience of our team to provide ground solutions that are well engineered, pragmatic and innovative. Our ground solutions broadly span Geotechnical, Geoenviromental, Site Investigation and Temporary Works Design services.


CGL Geotechnical Services - CGI 3D model


CGL Geoenvironmental Services - photo of remote site location in Scotland

Site Investigation

CGL Services - Photo of Site Investigation

Temporary Works

CGL Services Temporary works - photo of basement ground works

Examples of our innovative Ground Engineering Solutions

CGL provides advice and design solutions on a broad spectrum of ground related issues, working directly with site developers or their design and construction teams. Our projects span a wide range of construction settings, including specialist services for foundation reuse, working near and around railways, deep basement developments and waste management. Examples of CGL’s projects can be viewed on our Projects page.

Working Near Railways

Photo of development near railways - CGL Geotechnical and Geoengineering services

Deep Basements

Photo of deep basement excavation, London - CGL Geotechnical and Geoengineering services

Waste Management

Photo of specialist construction waste management - CGL Services