Ground Investigation

CGL provide Ground Investigations as the first stage of Groundworks developments

“You pay for a site investigation whether you have one or not.”
Prof Stuart Littlejohn (1991)


Professor Littlejohn’s words are as true today as they were two decades ago. Where value engineering is needed, be it for geotechnical or environmental purposes, investment in below ground design information is vital.

CGL’s experienced geotechnical engineers, engineering geologists and contaminated land specialists work across the UK on site investigations with a wide spectrum of values. Our clients vary from major residential developers and commercial organisations through infrastructure and transport stakeholders to individual householders.

Our experience and knowledge of the industry ensure we use appropriately experienced and quality driven investigation contractors as well as soil and contamination testing laboratories. This ensures our factual information is compliant with current standards and supports the interpretative and design reporting that we deliver.

CGL is always keen to work with clients to develop a standards-compliant investigation which takes account of the end-project design alongside the specific site and project constraints.  Indeed, a CGL investigation scoping document often forms the first stage in significant whole-project cost savings for our clients.  CGL can also develop a detailed investigation specification then undertake and review a competitive tender process should the client desire as part of a wider CGL contract management role.

Ground investigation is undertaken using long-term partner contractors who have passed our stringent approved supplier process and meet the relevant quality standards.  CGL has significant experience of undertaking innovative investigation, tailoring the approach to specific site requirements.  This often involves a multi-technique approach across cable percussive, rotary and window sample boreholes, CPTs, trial pits and foundation inspection pits.  Soil, groundwater and gas sampling is undertaken in accordance with the applicable standards and monitoring installations for a variety of purposes.

Health and safety remains at the forefront of our approach, with fully trained supervisors and operatives, detailed site specific risk assessment and method statements, and specialist partners providing buried utility and Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) mitigation. Correct management of health and safety is paramount throughout all our works and CGL staff are trained and hold specialist competencies across a number of key schemes and industries including CSCS, National Grid Persons, Competent Persons and BESC, PTS, EUSR, EMSS Safety Passport, HSG47 and more.

CGL’s team of engineers have the expertise to supervise site investigations of all scales and across all environments whether overseeing our own approved subcontractors or others.  A comprehensive site management and supervision regime, alongside a sound knowledge of UK and international standards, is critical to ensure the highest quality is achieved during the investigation and therefore best value.

CGL has experience of undertaking the Principal Contractor role and can under certain conditions assume the relevant duties under the Construction, Design and Management Regulations (CDM 2015).  CGL has numerous construction and industry related accreditations.


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