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Temporary Works Design is a core discipline for CGL where our expertise often creates major cost efficiencies. Our engineers have a proven track record of design as well as design checks for a range of projects involving retaining structures, slope/excavation stability and working platforms. Through innovative and pragmatic thinking we can save costs and programme time through a value engineered approach using a variety of software including PLAXIS 3D for finite element analysis.

Our geotechnical and civil engineers provide advice to optimise temporary works solutions for piled walls, basement propping, plunge columns, king post designs, berm stability, cofferdams, tower crane foundations and working platforms as a single source of geostructural guidance. Our engineers can also provide temporary works structural design of capping beams, thrust blocks and corbels and use software including CADS A3D, Steelwork Member Design (SWMD) and AdSec to develop designs. We are experienced in temporary works design for the Highways Agency and Network Rail.

Our temporary works and working platform designs are based on the recommendations given in industry guidelines from the HSE, Ciria, British Standards (the falsework code BS 5975:2019) and Eurocodes (where relevant). We follow industry best practice guidance from the Temporary Works forum (TWf), of which CGL is an affiliated member, the Construction Plant-hire Association (CPA) and the Federation of Piling Specialists (FPS).

Temporary Works Services include:

  • Basement and excavation shoring
  • Needling and propping
  • Tower and mobile crane foundations
  • Piling – bearing, king post, secant, buttress and sheet piles
  • Slope stability – temporary works assessment, excavation and stability
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BS 5975:2008 link - CGL Temporary Works Design


Our work on temporary works design has been recognised by a series of Ground Engineering awards including:

  • 2021 Finalist for UK with a Geotechnical Value between £1-3m for our complex restricted access ground investigation and full-scale temporary works design services at 1-4 Marble Arch, London
  • 2017 Finalist for UK Project with a Geotechnical Value between £1-3m for our temporary and permanent works designs at Seymour Street in London
  • 2016 Winner of UK Project with a Geotechnical Value between £1-3m for our basement and excavation shoring at the Subsea 7 headquarters building
  • 2011 Winner of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental UK Project over £1m for our use of the observational methods and geotechnics design at the Radisson Hotel, Guildford

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